The Secret To Smooth Feet In The Palm Of Your Hand!

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The secret is the Nano-Abrasion rollers that gently remove dry skin.

PedEgg Power removes rough skin by rotating over 2,500 times a minute!

With over 40 MILLION sold, PedEgg is reinvented & easier than ever!

Be confident in your own shoes again with smooth, sexy feet!

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All About PedEgg Power

Buff Away Dry & callused Skin With PedEgg Power!

Buff Away Dry & callused Skin With PedEgg Power!

Are you embarrassed by how your feet look and feel? Tired of dry and callused feet tearing your pantyhose? It's time to take back control with PedEgg Power, the powerful solution in the palm of your hand! PedEgg Power easily buffs away callouses, dead skin, or dry and rough skin in seconds! Your feet will look years younger and feel baby smooth. PedEgg Power is completely painless and contains no dangerous blades! The secret is in the nano-abrasion roller technology. Each PedEgg Power head spins over 2500 times per minute to buff out even the driest skin for smooth and sexy results! The roller attacks and clears away dry and cracked skin, revealing the smooth skin underneath. With over 40 million original PedEgg® units sold, the people at PedEgg are dedicated to helping you take quality care of your feet. The same experts who engineered the original PedEgg have come together to create this breakthrough in foot care technology. Be confident in your own shoes again with the PedEgg Power!